Roku Channels for Canadians

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Roku 3 Available in Canada

Roku 3 Canada

Way back in March 2013, the Roku 3 was released in the United States and it had a more than positive reception. As soon as the news hit, Canadian’s were left wondering when we too would be able to get our hands on the device. Well, 6 months later; the Roku 3 was released in […]

Canadian Roku Private Channels –...

Canadian Roku Private Channels – Full List

As promised, here is the full list of Canadian Roku Private Channels. Channel Name Channel Code Add Channel 1080P Showcase 1080p Add Roku Channel 360 Music Television 360beta Add Roku Channel 5iktv Add Roku Channel Ahl-E-Bait TV Ahlebait Add Roku Channel Ahlul Bayt TV abtv1 Add Roku Channel Al SHARQIYA TV SHARQIYA Add Roku […]

When Will Roku 3 Come To Canada

Roku 3

Ever since the release in March 2013, Canadians have been asking when will Roku 3 come to Canada? So far, there has been no official release date from Roku which is annoying to say the least. Hopefully, the six million dollar funding that they recently received will go towards production of units so that they […]

FYDO Roku Channel

Roku Channels Canada FYDO

You may have noticed a new channel in the Roku channel store called FYDO. The channel icon is of a dog wearing sunglasses and holding a pop and some popcorn. You might be wondering what exactly is this channel? Don’t worry, it isn’t another channel for dogs like the dog channel for Roku. Fan Fiction […]

Roku Video Games

Roku Channels Canada Pac Man Championship

The Roku media player has a ton of potential when it comes to video game capabilities. Obviously, it is not going to compete head to head with dedicated gaming consoles like the Xbox, Playstation, or Wii; but that doesn’t mean that it cannot have fun to play games. Recently, there has been some pretty good […]

Plex Media Server for Roku

Roku Channel Plex

Do you have a computer or external hard drive in your home that you keep all of your digital media on? This can be music, movies, tv shows, and pictures. If your answer is yes, then you should definitely install the Plex channel for Roku. What this does is lets you stream content from your […]

ROKU Mobile App


If you own a ROKU streaming media player and also have an adroid smart phone or iphone; then you need to download the ROKU Mobile app. You might have seen advertisements for the mobile application when browsing through your channels, however it doesn’t really offer much of a description. After downloading it and installing it […]

Roku Channels Canada – Crackle

Roku Channels Canada - Crackle

When it comes to watching movies for free on your Roku device, there is one channel that stands out amongst them all. That channel is Crackle which is a movie streaming channel similar to Netflix. Because it is free, Crackle doesn’t have a selection as large as Netflix, but it is still pretty good. Crackle […]

Roku Music Channels

Roku Music Channels

Popular Roku Music Channels Roku is not just for movies, and television shows. It is also a great device to use for listening to music. When you first setup your Roku, you will probably notice that there are a couple of channels that are suggested. One of them is Rdio which is an online music […]

Roku movie channels


Popular Roku Movie Channels One of the main reasons behind owning a Roku media streaming device is the ability to watch movies on demand. If you are living in Canada, do not fear; there are currently plenty of movie channels available in Canada and the list continues to grow. Obviously, the most popular service is […]