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When it comes to watching movies for free on your Roku device, there is one channel that stands out amongst them all. That channel is Crackle which is a movie streaming channel similar to Netflix. Because it is free, Crackle doesn’t have a selection as large as Netflix, but it is still pretty good. Crackle has a nice variety of genres to pick from which is great if your Roku device is shared between several people. Getting started with Crackle is very easy and does not require any sign up or activation of any type. Just open the Roku channels window and select Crackle from the list. The channel will download and install and you are then ready to go. When you open the Roku channel, you will have several lists of movies sorted by different categories. To watch a movie, simply select it and click play movie. A short ad will play and then the movie starts, that is all that there is to it.

Despite the selection being smaller then Netflix, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have anything to watch. In fact, it is quite the opposite. There is always new content being added to Crackle and if you were to try and watch everything there is, you would never be able to keep up with the new movies that are added. The Crackle team does a good job of adding new content from all genres and also will add content that fits in with the season. For Hallowe’en, there was plent of horror and thriller style films being added. Aside from movies, the Crackle channel also features classic television shows and also some newer independent tv series.

Overall, Crackle is one of the best Roku channels available. The price point makes it a no brainer for everyone to have it. If you have a Netflix account, you can always use both so there is not really any reason to argue as to which one should be installed over the other. As time continues, more movie channels will make there way on to the Canadian Roku Channel selection. There are currently several Roku private channels that feature movies of all sorts. If you are unfamiliar with Roku Private Channels; they are un-official Roku channels which have been created by developers and have not yet made it into the Roku channel area.

One nice feature about Crackle on the roku is that you can start watching something and if you need to stop it, Crackle will remember where you left off so you can resume later without having to fast forward trying to find it. Another great thing about Crackle is that Canadian’s get to watch the same content that is shown in the USA. If you have a Roku Streaming Media player, make sure to check out Crackle and then leave a review for everyone else. The bigger Crackle gets, the better the content and perhaps more spin off channels will become available leading to a better experience for all Roku owners.

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