ROKU Mobile App

Roku Mobile App

If you own a ROKU streaming media player and also have an adroid smart phone or iphone; then you need to download the ROKU Mobile app.

You might have seen advertisements for the mobile application when browsing through your channels, however it doesn’t really offer much of a description. After downloading it and installing it on a Samsung Galaxy, we can confirm that it is a must have application. The app is free and can be download through Google Play or through the Itunes App Store. The Roku app offers some amazing features and allows you to add all of the Roku devices that you have in your home.

After downloading and installing the app, you run it and scan your local network for any ROKU devices. You then select the device and connect to it. Once connected, you are able to use your phone as a remote by pressing the remote buttons on the screen. Or, if you don’t want to waste time scrolling through all your channels; you can click on the channels icon in a list view and it will load the channel immediately on the ROKU. This feature alone makes the app a must have as scrolling through a huge list of channels can take a while. If neither option suits you, you can also load a channel by using the voice recognition feature.

Another cool feature that the ROKU app contains is that you can play media from your device on the tv that your ROKU is connected to. This is really handy if you have a decent sound system hooked up to your tv. You can just select some music on your smartphone and have it start playing through your television set. You can also show pictures and movies. For a business stand point, this would be a cool way to do a presentation by showing your images from your phone through a ROKU streaming device hooked up to a tv.

If that isn’t enough features for you, you can also use the Roku app to search for and add new Roku channels. Lastly, you can now save time when using the search functionality in channels because you can use your smartphones on screen keyboard. For now, those are the current features found in the app. The ROKU mobile app is still fairly new so there should be some additional features added as the software is updated.

Overall, this app is so good that it makes the standard Roku bluetooth remote obsolete. The bluetooth is good but it does have a max range. The Roku mobile app is connected through the wireless network so you can control it from anywhere in your home. If you are going to be giving a Roku to someone as a gift this year and you know that they have a smartphone; make sure to do them a huge favour and install the mobile application for them as well.

Here are the download links for both Android and iPhone.


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