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Welcome to Roku Channels Canada

We are proud to announce the launch of the Roku Channels Canada website.

Our main focus is to bring to attention Roku channels available for Canadian’s who own Roku Streaming Media Players. Currently, many Canadians are using VPN services in order to enjoy Roku channels that are only offered in the United States of America. The problem with this is that it adds unnecessary costs in order to use a reliable VPN service, or provide substandard service by using a free VPN service that does not provide decent speeds.

For this reason, we have created this website as a place for Canadians to learn about and also share Roku channels that are currently available in Canada without the need for any modifications to their Roku devices. Our lists will include both Roku standard channels as well as Roku private channels. This website is also meant to be a common forum for Canadians to share their tips and experiences with each other and to provide valuable feedback to content provides urging them to provide their channels to Canadian audiences.

To get the most out of the Roku Channels Canada website, we suggest you do at least one of the following.

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For now, that will get you a good start and will ensure that you are kept up to date as new channels, and information is released. If you wish to contact us, please use our contact form. We value your feedback so please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the website.

In the meantime, please feel free to start using the site and create an account for yourself. We are still in the launch phase and will be adding lots of content to the site in the coming weeks.

We are currently looking for writers as well as contributors to help with the site. If you are interested, check out our page on becoming a writer or contributor.

Thanks for visiting, we hope that you enjoy the website and will be back in the future.

The Roku Channels Canada team


  1. Rein's Gravatar Rein
    February 5, 2013    

    Is Midnight Pulp available in Canada? I have a NETGEAR media player and I cannot get Midnight Pulp.

    • RokuCanada's Gravatar RokuCanada
      February 5, 2013    

      Hi Rein,

      Yeah, Midnight Pulp is definitely available. I watch it at least once a week. You mention Netgear media player which I am not sure about. This site is focused on the Roku Digital Media Player. If you don’t have one, they are pretty amazing with all the content you can get.

  2. Gabriel's Gravatar Gabriel
    August 9, 2013    

    When can we expect to see a list of private channel available to Canadians in tis website?

    • RokuCanada's Gravatar RokuCanada
      August 9, 2013    

      Hi Gabriel:

      The list should be ready and posted by the end of September at the latest. It could probably be completed quicker if I can get it crowd sourced amongst several Canadian Roku owners. Any chance you would be willing to help contribute? I have a list of Roku private channels but need to verify each channel code and see if it is valid for Canada or not.

      • Gabriel's Gravatar Gabriel
        August 9, 2013    

        You do have my email address, so you can contact me with a list of say… 20 channels for me to test. How’s that ;) Cheers!

      • Amber's Gravatar Amber
        May 22, 2014    

        I am willing to test as well.

        Amber :)

  3. Rami's Gravatar Rami
    August 15, 2013    

    i’m puzzled i need a complete listing of all channels available even the ones that comes with monthly fees please
    you see there is someone here at work wanting to sell me for $150 per year a subscription he claims will get me all arabic channels including all the sports one (aljazeera sport)can anyone help me with that?
    do i really need that guy?

    • Red's Gravatar Red
      October 11, 2013    

      Did you ever find a way ? I’ve got a guy asking me the 150$ as well and I am sure there’s a way to do it.

      • RokuCanada's Gravatar RokuCanada
        October 17, 2013    

        Rami, and Red:

        Don’t bother paying anyone for the list. I have added an updated list here.

        Canadian Roku Channels list

        • Larry's Gravatar Larry
          December 27, 2013    

          Thanks. But in your channel list, there some channel when I want to add it, that’s tell me the w’re sorry the channel not available in your area.

          • RokuCanada's Gravatar RokuCanada
            December 28, 2013    

            Hi Larry:

            Thanks for the tip. Can you let me know which channel is not working for you.

            Roku Channels Canada

  4. Dave's Gravatar Dave
    September 7, 2013    

    I’m looking into getting a Roku in Canada. I understand that Netflix is a pay/subscription service, but what about other Roku channels? When you find that they work in Canada, do you have to subscribe to them or are they free?

    Roku advertises that NHL is available, and I think perhaps NFL. I assume to get those it is a pay service?

    • May's Gravatar May
      September 22, 2013    

      I also am inquring about free Canadain channels like CBC, CTV, City Tv, OMNI, Global and Sports Channel like NHL, TSN, Sportsnet, LeafTv etc. I am assuming the sports channels you will require to purchase.
      But, in Toronto, the free Canadian channels are not available on ROkU either.
      Will they be in the near future? And how to purchase the above sports channels and how much?

  5. Michel's Gravatar Michel
    December 5, 2013    

    Is there a way to know which channels are available on the Canadian version of the Roku before buying a unit?

    I noticed a list of private channels has been published, but what about a list of “Out of the box” channels.


  6. peter's Gravatar peter
    December 26, 2013    

    do I need to set up my account on a special Canadian site? I tried on the .com site and could not get the address bar to accept the province and so I could not keep going

  7. Karl's Gravatar Karl
    January 8, 2014    

    I purchased the ROKU 3 with the primary intent of getting off the cable TV subscription. I find that there are no Canadian regular TV channels such as CBC, Global, CTV etc. etc. available from ROKU. This makes my investment rather pointless. If I cannot get these channels in the very near future, then the ROKU 3 will be going back.

    • Roku Channels Canada's Gravatar Roku Channels Canada
      January 8, 2014    

      Hi Karl:

      Are you looking for live TV or just certain shows off that are on those networks? Currently, you cannot watch those TV channels live but you can watch the shows that they have on them. The benefit to Roku is having the ability to stream whatever you want when you want.


  8. Sreten's Gravatar Sreten
    January 18, 2014    

    Just bought this very dissapointed as it is marketed as a Cable killer and is anything but.

    I wish not to bash it but maybe help inprove it. As most of the good apps are already availabe through the new smart Tvs, please take the following suggestions as i will leave some hope for this product.

    There are thousands of channels that are already available to stream online without the need to pay or register for them local and non local.

    Plex is very basic and why pay for something that is already available on the net? Maybe roku can at least create an app in the mean time allows us to cut and paist direct links into a directory of sorts for live tv that is already available online? This would rock because of the hundreds of channels that are availabe free online (legal), you would even be able to add channels such as if you are russian per say (countless other free international channels are available). For local it would allow us to watch local tv that is live streamed CBC, CTV, CITY etc.

    This should be the first stepping stone, and later as above being mentioned above the ability to watch shows and content at your leasure.

    There are already apps that allow you to input radio station links, why not tv?

    I hope Roku will move forward withsomething along these lines as this would then really give me a reason to switch to Roku. As of right now other then for vevo it will be collecting dust, but i will keep believing..


    • Roku Channels Canada's Gravatar Roku Channels Canada
      February 1, 2014    

      Hi Sreten:

      The Roku is not the be all end all when it comes to killing cable but it definitely is a step in that direction. I cancelled my cable service over a year ago and have got by fine with my Roku. I have one for each tv in my home which ensures people in any room can watch something.

      The big benefit for me was getting CTV, Global, Comedy Network and more on PLEX. They are called PLEX plugins and they just connect to the network website and if a show is available on the TV station website, it grabs it and streams it on your Roku. I can’t watch live TV but I don’t mind waiting until the next day to watch popular shows.

      PLEX is completely free so give it a try! If you need any help getting it setup, let me know.

      • canada's Gravatar canada
        March 4, 2014    

        Plex would not even work for me finding any channels in canada

  9. Bart van Eyk's Gravatar Bart van Eyk
    March 2, 2014    

    I just got my Roku set up, with the idea of cutting my cable. I am frustrated and disappointed. All I want is to watch the handful of shows I enjoy….NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Castle, Murdoch Mysteries, The Mentalist, and Treehouse for my 5 year old. Nada! Please tell me simply how to access CBC, CTV, and Treehouse.

    • March 24, 2014    

      At the moment that simply isn’t possible. CBC, CTV/Bell and Corus have not produced any Roku channels, so accessing live feeds of those channels isn’t easy or possible. You can, however, install Plex on a computer in the house, install the Roku channel, and access CBC via a Plex channel through the Roku. Yes it sounds a bit odd to do it that way, but that’s the only way to access CBC content on your Roku at the moment (short of downloading everything from the web and streaming it via Plex, or a similar channel, once downloaded).

  10. Jeff's Gravatar Jeff
    August 9, 2014    

    I was looking into purchasing Roku for Sports. I’m a big college football person and I live in Canada. I am currently paying for internet only, not cable and I’m wondering if apps like WatchESPN would benefit me. Im not sure if I would have to be paying for ESPN, which I can’t because I don’t have a cable subscription. Any advice?

  11. Sheila's Gravatar Sheila
    August 16, 2014    

    I am looking for woodworking channels, or channels that show woodworking and renovation shows. Are there any available in Canada? I know PBS has some, but it is not in Canada yet.

  12. Leona's Gravatar Leona
    August 21, 2014    

    Not a single Canadian channel (except NFB – boring). No CBC, CTV, etc. what is the point of Roku in Canada? The free movies are all B or worse, even the classics are junk. By the time you subscribe to some of the popular channels, like Netflix ($$) and a few others, you might as well get cable instead.
    The irony is that CBC is on the “private channel” list, but not available in my area. Excuse me? Last I checked British Columbia was in Canada.

  13. Fritz's Gravatar Fritz
    August 22, 2014    

    True, not very interesting free movies. They are below B movies. You have titles like “sorority Girls Revenge” and ” Stag Night of the Dead”, so unless you have no life , you probably not going to watch those. However, lots of free news from the world, like CNN and SkyNews. For that alone Roku is worth it.

  14. Randy Dowker's Gravatar Randy Dowker
    August 25, 2014    

    I recently got a Roku 2 hd I registered it with my Canadian address.Then as I’m searching for channels ,I click on any free channels they come up with may require additional fees?So I went on line to see what these fees were and find out that I have a Canadian address so fees would be added ? This chat was on the Roku support chat line so they gave me a contact number for Canadian Roku support..
    I am confused when Roku advertizes up to 450+ free channels this is false.I was of the understanding that this was an online streaming device? I did not know there were boundaries on the “world wide web”when registered my Roku would my address not be noticed that in fact I am in Canada?Is this Roku claim of 450+ free channels not false advertizing i say again .maybe I could be sending this email to the CRTC?

  15. Leona's Gravatar Leona
    September 1, 2014    

    Randy, very few channels require extra fee. They say that in case there is a fee, such as .99 cents for watching a movie without commercials, but that is optional. There are hundreds of free channels that no one wants to watch; religious channels alone are probably a hundred. If you are looking for Canadian content, you are out of luck.

  16. Jack Weinberg's Gravatar Jack Weinberg
    September 12, 2014    

    For those of you who are interested, you can get a reasonable (around 25+) selection of live US channels via the service called USTVNOW. This will work in Canada (or will also work if you use a service to get a U.S. IP address.) It costs around $30US/month. (Don’t bother with PLAYON – its a rip off). That’s still a considerable savings over my local cable service!
    I also use PLEX but so far, I have been unable to get CBC (live) as a channel.

    Does anyone know how to get CBC Radio One? Is it available via SLACKER, or TuneIN or any other service?

  17. September 16, 2014    

    Which albanian Chanels can i have and do I have to pay a supplement.

    • Roku Channels Canada's Gravatar Roku Channels Canada
      October 13, 2014    

      Hi Gani: I have not seen any Albanian channels. Hopefully someone else can recommend one if they are aware of any.

  18. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    November 11, 2014    

    Seriously considering cutting cable but with the lack of live feeds, especially sports, I’m worried I’ll be disappointed in Roku.
    Am I correct in my assumption that the primary reason for networks not providing live feeds is the restrictions they currently have in their agreements with cable suppliers ?
    Should we expect a huge increase in the feeds as these agreements expire ?

    • Roku Channels Canada's Gravatar Roku Channels Canada
      November 11, 2014    

      Hey Chris: It definitely takes a couple of months to get used to things once you have cut out the cable service. Personally, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the Roku but I am not a huge sports fan either.

      Depending on what type of sports you are interested in, Roku might be good. NHL has a channel that will let you watch live games and replays but it has a monthly subscription fee.

      UFC also has a Roku channel which will let you stream life Pay Per View for the big events.

      You will have to weigh the options and decide if with the subscriptions it will be cheaper for you in the long run. My suggestion would be to buy a Roku while the Black Friday deals are on and if you don’t like it you can return it.

      If you do get one, let me know if you want any channel suggestions.

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